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This is the portal to the internal network of Southbank International School for students and staff. For general school information and applications please go to www.southbank.org. Current parents, please also go to www.southbank.org and log-in using your SSIP log-in and password.

 Southbank Showcase

Southbank International School Showcase 9 June, 19.00 RIBA 66 Portland Place Tickets for this Southbank extravaganza are on sale now!

This is not merely a musical evening but an all school event; each department has produced an item which will showcase the best of what their students have achieved in the past academic year. It may be a sketch, song, presentation, debate, performance or surprise. What is certain is that the tickets will sell out very quickly due to the limited space available and are £10.00 each.

To purchase tickets, please complete the form (available from the Parent Portal) and return it with cash or cheque to Cristina Capoferri. Tickets will be issued and returned to your child via their Advisor.

Don't miss out as this is certain to be a highly enjoyable evening and a lovely way to celebrate the end of the year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Samantha Stone
Head of Faculty Creative Arts

 Grade 10 Trip to Auschwitz

As a part of their study of Holocaust literature, Grade 10 students visited Schindler's Factory and the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps in Poland. Students examined the atrocities of the past whilst at the same time considering present political and social events occurring throughout the world. Although it was an emotional and difficult journey into the past, students were also able to uncover accounts of hope, perseverance and determination through the various stories related by Holocaust victims and survivors.


2014 United States Academic Decathlon National Competition Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Team placing: 6th place
Scholarships: Team MVP = Hardy; Overall highest scorer= Ganesh Medals Awarded: Gold Mathematics = Ganesh; Silver Essay Writing = Dalton and Ganesh; Bronze Essay Writing = Uneeza

 ISMTF Maths Competition - Luxembourg

Three students, Katerina, Agostino and Cansu, picked from the Mathematics Enrichment club, travelled to the International School of Luxembourg to compete in the ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition against 60 other teams from schools across Europe and beyond.

On Friday morning we met at St Pancras to catch the Eurostar through France to Brussels where we stopped for a quick lunch before travelling on to Luxembourg where we met our host families. After a lovely evening bonding with other teams we awoke to start the first part of the competition. Our team had an wonderful time attempting a whole range of mathematical problems including geometry, number puzzles and some logic games. During this time a session was put on for teachers about the mathematical topology of Mobius strips. Having attended this session Mr Scamell now admits to being a mathematical convert!

 London Exploration Society

Coordinators: Mr Barnett and Mrs Cogliano
Time: Mondays 3:40-5:15

Our mission: The Society will give students an unprecedented insight into London, the city in which they live. To that end, we will be exploring in a civilised and leisurely but informed way, the architecture, aesthetics, culture past and present, and history of London. Through this exploration, we hope that students will foster a life long passion and a real depth of knowledge for this king amongst cities.


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